therapy in motion (tim)


In the Comfort of Your Own Home

Beginning February 2020 the Wolf Spirit Wellness Family will be offering in home therapy. Our TIM clinicians provide you with the same services we offer in the office but in the comfort of your own home.  

Individual Counseling

 Our TIM clinicians will provide individual counseling using evidence based interventions and practices to help you achieve  optimal wellnes 

Couples Counseling

For some who have difficulty finding child care in home therapy works well. Our highly trained clinicians will help you learn to effectively communicate with your loved one and will identify emotional triggers that sometimes get in the way of being able to hear each other. 

Family Counseling

Need counseling for your child or aging parent and just cannot come to the office? Our clinicians understand the complexity of how to help your loved one no matter what the age and will provide the same evidence based treatment you would receive in our office.