Solution Focused Brief Therapy


What is SFBT?

Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) is a short term focused set of goals and interventions to help someone deal with a situation or issue in a finite number of sessions. 

How does it work?

Our clinicians will provide interventions that will maximize achievement of your goals within three sessions. This is intended for those individuals who are looking to find solution to a situation or issue that is currently causing a problem and not for long term therapy. 

All programs must be prepaid prior to beginning the first session. Deposit is non refundable and allows for one rescheduled appointment. 

“Adult-ish” Now only $150. Regular Price-$385.


Helping young adults aged 17-24 explore strengths and preferences as it relates to career interests and or college planning, clarify future goals for work and home, create a plan for setting out on your own. 

  • Includes resume support and career counseling
  • Pathway identification for specific career goals (if applicable)
  • Interview skills development

Fall In Love With Yourself Now only $180. Regular Price-$385.


Starts September! Help jump start your journey to self love and radical self acceptance.

  • Address barriers to self love and identify a plan for overcoming those barriers
  • Learn new ways to practice self care including meditation, mindfulness training  and an individualized yoga sequence.
  • Learn ways to embrace your being and accept yourself as-is

Envision Your Future Now only $180. Regular Price-$385.


Help develop a clear picture of your ideal future, create a plan for achieving goals and identify the resources and skills necessary to support your journey.